LaTCH CS Tripod


53000 – LaTCH CS Tripod Confined Space Recovery System Tripod

  • Aluminum Tripod LaTCH CS tripod is a component of Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height. Safety tripos LaTCH CS Tripod has been tested in according to EN 795 as a transportable anchorage class B. The Tripod can be used with the LaTCH CS Rescue Lighting Device. The LaTCH CS Rescue Lifting Device should be installed underside the tripod’s leg.
  • Designed to support only one person
  • Floating Steel feet with rubber Non-Skid pads
  • Anti-Spread Safety Chain or Webbing (Both Supplied With Unit)
  • 4 Eye Bolts – 1 Central and 3 Additional Attaching Points
  • Working Height:
    -Legs fully extended: 229.5 cm
    -Legs fully retracted: 147.2 cm
  • Working load limit: 500 kg
  • Weight: 17 KG
  • Shipping dimensions: 172.3 x 23 x 23 cm
  • Complete with Carry Bag
  • Made in EU
  • Meet EN 795:1996 +A1:2000 standard

    #53010 Rescue Lifting Device – Rescue lifting and lowering device class B, with stainless steel rope including natural fiber core, section 6×19, diameter 6.3mm, length from 5m to 25m with automatic brake. Thimble sleeved buckled on the end of the wire cable with a connector, a winch absorber and a winch. To used mounted on the tripod (53000) by a clamp device. Down function is only to lower a person over a distance of 2M


Condition for use of the Equipment
  • This rescue lifting device of class B is intended to used, in combination with other components, as personal protective equipment against falls from height planned for the rescue operation
  • Using the device LaTCH CS, in connection with fall arrest system, must be compatible with manual instructions of the fall arrest systems and obligatory standards
    Fall arrest and rescue systems used with this tripods must meet applicable EN Standards requirements:
    • EN 795 for anchor devices
    • EN 362 for connectors
    • EN 361 for full body harness
    • EN 360 for retractable type arresters
    • EN 1496 for rescue lifting devices

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