LaTCH CS Rescue Lifting device


53010 LaTCH CS Rescue Lifting Device (20M)

  • New Fixing
  • Automatic Brake to Avoid Unchecked Descent
  • Lifting / Lowering Winch
  • Rescue lifting and lowering device class B, with stainless steel rope including natural fiber core, section 6×19, diameter 6.3mm, length from 5m to 25m with automatic brake. Thimble sleeved buckled on the end of the wire cable with a connector, a winch absorber and a winch. To used mounted on the tripod (53000) by a clamp device. Down function is only to lower a person over a distance of 2M
  • Maximal working load: 140KG
  • Hand force required: 22KG
  • Hand operation
  • Made in EU
  • EN795 – for Tripods
  • EN361 – for full body harness
  • EN341, EN1497, EN1498 – for rescue equipment
  • EN795 – for anchor devices
  • EN353-1, EN354, EN 55, EN360, EN362 – for fall arrest systems

    Also Available:
    53011 LaTCH CS Rescue Lifting Device (25M)

    Condition for use of the Equipment
    • This rescue lifting device of class B is intended to used, in combination with other components, as personal protective equipment against falls from height planned for the rescue operation
    • Using the device LaTCH CS, in connection with fall arrest system, must be compatible with manual instructions of the fall arrest systems and obligatory standards

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