ONGARD Head Gear


The Ongard Headgear is designed for full-shift comfort, performance and versatility. The easy snap-on attachment system allows for quick replacement of the window without having to replace the whole unit, saving precious dollars.

Snug fitting comfort is obtained with Twizloc™ adjustment, and correct nape placement with the Swivel™ cam.

Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 and EN166:2001 standard

Code Description UPC
#40000 ONGARD Head Gear, Black/Gray 7 16328 40000 1
Unit/box: 1
Box weight: 0.79 lbs. / 0.36 kg
Box dimensions: 227x129x250 mm / 89.4×50.8×98.4 inch
Box/case: 10
Case weight: 10.25 lbs. / 4.65 kg
Case dimensions: 670x247x520 mm / 263.8×97.2×204.7 inch

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