iNNovAir 82145 Particulate Respirator Valved


iNNovAir 82145 Particulate Respirator


  • with 99% filter effectiveness against with face seal
  • Face foam that seal you on harmful fumes
  • Non-allergic reaction on the face sweating
  • Innovative style and safety protection in your field
  • with FM P3 Replacement Filter (72135)
  • Meet EN1827:1999+A1:2009 standard
  • Seamlessly welded cut
  • 10 pcs. per box & 12 boxes per case



Filter Replacement Instructions:
  • Part A. Mask Body (Mask Mesh with Valve and Head strap (82135))
  • Part B. Replacement Filter/s (72145)
  • Part C. Valve Cap
Put the mask body on the flat desktop Place the FM P3 NR replacement filter (Part B) on to the 82145 mask mesh (Part A) Use fingers to the valve edges slightly forced Take the valve cap (Part C) Place the valve cap (Part C) on to the exhalation valve base Press down the valve cap to the valve base and work clockwise with the valve cap and screw onto the exhalation valve base tightly



Fitting Instructions:
Hold respirator in your hand az shown, with the nosepiece
at your fingertips
and the headbands hangging freely below your hand.
Place respirator under your chin with the nosepieceup.
Pull the top head-band to top back of head above the ears.
Pull the bottom headband hook and lock behind the head, below the ears. Adjust the strap length to optimum comfort.

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