iNNovAir 72105 Replacement Filter for 82105


Particulate Filter Replacement Filter for 82105
  • Seamlessly welded cut Disposable Interchangable filter mask
  • 20 Each per Box, 12 Box per Case
  • Meet TC-84A-7870 standard


Filter Replacement Instructions:
Hold the mask with inside Unwind the valve lock to Remove the use N95 filter


Fitting Instructions:
Hold respirator in your hand az shown, with the nosepiece
at your fingertips
and the headbands hangging freely below your hand.
Place respirator under your chin with the nosepieceup.
Pull the top head-band to top back of head above the ears.
Pull the bottom headband hook and lock behind the head, below the ears. Adjust the strap length to optimum comfort.

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