• The rail anchorage system CABO TRAIL is an anchorage device of the Class D in compliance with the Standard EN795. The system device for connecting personal protective equipment against a fall from a height to permanent constructions. It also ensures safe moving. The system is intended to be used by maximum 2 persons at the same time, whereby each person is connected to an individual trolley.


    • The rail system is designed so that that two people, each with the runner, may respond to it and offers it on the entire rail length total flexibility. The complete crash system includes stationary attachment system and personal fall protection equipment both connected to Cabo Trail.


    The Cabo Trail system consist of several parts:

  • The Runner
  • A runner who is considered to be mobile anchor point for the personal fall protection equipment
  • Connected elements of the track sections together
  • Anchoring elements of Cabo Trail to the carrier or the buildingThe track structure is made of aluminum. The remaining elements of the systems Cabo Trail are either made of aluminum, stainless steel or plastic.