eliXair 72104

eliXair, a respirator that is packed with avantgarde features; that will allow you to experience safety and style at your industry. eliXair is one of the prolific product of CanaSafe, when it comes to respiratory protection.

EN 149:2001+A1:2009

TPR (thermo plastic rubber) seal, adequately sealing you against
harsh particles such as dust, fumes and wherein other organic vapors are
present. For the adjustable strap, it allows you to measure up, how tight
would you prefer upon using eliXair. The Pantone colored exhalation
valve adds style and uniqueness on the product. Pre molded nose piece
fits well on all type of nose size. Protection against solid and liquid
aerosols and smoke.

Suggested applications:
- Textile industry
- Craft work Iron and steel industry
- Mining
- Underground civil engineering
- Wood working
- Welding work
- Cutting and casting of metals
- Hospital laboratory
- Disease control area
- Pharmaceutical
- Disposal of toxic waste

How to use eliXair, click the pdf link below:

 Product Brochure